HM-510 Oil In Water Sensor (0-1,000ppm)

Expanded Range. Oil in Water Sensor.

Measures for Oil in Water at a range of 0-1,000ppm with automatic compensation for color & turbidity interference. Use the MA-WB Bluetooth® Adapter to enable wireless monitoring, calibration & cleanliness diagnostics via the uPyxis® app!

CE Mark



The Pyxis Lab® HM-500 series of inline fluorometer sensors measure the concentration of oil in water, read as ppm Marine Crude-Offshore Oil. The sensors utilize an LED sourced UV-fluorescence methodology at 365nm wavelength & 410/470nm excitation. Our HM-500 series of sensors are uniquely designed with extra photo-electric components that also monitor the color & turbidity of the sample water. This proprietary feature enables the HM-500 series to automatically compensate for color and turbidity in the water sample eliminating interferences commonly associated with real-world waters, up to 150NTU. These sensors have a short fluidic channel and can be easily cleaned.

The fluidic & optical arrangement of the HM-500 series are designed to overcome short comings associated with other fluorometers that have a distal sensor surface or a long, narrow fluidic cell. Traditional inline fluorometers are susceptible to color/turbidity interference & fouling and can also be very difficult to clean. These unique features provide the HM-500 series with a level of accuracy far greater than conventional inline oil in water sensors & enable users to conduct wireless inline sensor cleanliness diagnostics as a predictive measure via the uPyxis® for mobile and desktop devices.

Key Features

  • PROVIDED with the ST-001 Inline Tee Assembly 3/4inch FNPT/CPVC
  • Offers a 304 Stainless Steel 3/4inch FNPT variant for Harsh Applications
  • Submersion Adapter Kit (MA-102S) Available for CPVC Submersed Applications
  • Unique Design with Extra Photo-Electric Components
  • Automatically Compensates for Color & Turbidity Contamination
  • Flexible/Advanced Communication 4-20mA Output & RS-485 Output
  • Connectible to ANY Conventional Microprocessor Controller, PLC or DCS
  • Bluetooth® Enabled when used with the MA-WB or PowerPACK Series of Adapters
  • Bluetooth® Wireless Interface via uPyxis® app
  • uPyxis® allows for Sensor Cleanliness Diagnostics, Calibration & Configuration
  • uPyxis® allows users to Write Calibration to Sensors for a Variety of Oils as ppm
  • Lower Cost & Higher Accuracy vs Conventional UV Fluorometers for Oil in Water

Typical Applications

  • Heat Exchanger Leak Detection
  • Oil Tank Leakage Detection
  • Intake Water Monitoring (UF & RO Feedwater)
  • Reinjection Water Monitoring
  • Industrial Wastewater Monitoring
  • Marine Discharge Monitoring
  • Plant Runoff / Storm Water Monitoring


Item HM-510
Part Number 52102
Material CPVC
Sample Pressure 100psi (7Bar)
Dimension 6.8″ L x 1.4″ D
Weight 0.37lb
Range 1,000ppm As Marine-Offshore Oil
LOD 0.5ppm
Reproducibility 0.1ppm or ≤3%
Operational Principal UV-Fluorescence
Fluorescence Emm 365nm LED
Fluorescence Exc 410/470nm
Power Supply 24 (±2) VDC, 65mA
Signal Output 4-20mA and RS-485 Modbus RTU
Storage Temperature -7-60 °C (20-140 °F)
Operational Temperature 4-40 °C (40-140 °F)
Protection Grade IP67
Regulation CE
Cable Length 5ft with IP67 Adapter
24″ Flying Lead with IP67 Adapter


Support Documents

HM-500 Series User Manual V4.53

HM-500 Series Data Sheet


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