Oil-In-Water Secondary Standard Solutions (Low & High Range)

Synthetic Calibration Solutions for Oil In Water.

Choose between 100, 500, or 1,000ppm Synthetic Oil-In-Water Calibration Solutions to calibrate your HM-500 Series of Inline Sensors (OIW-500) or your HM-900 Handheld Device (OIW-100LR & OIW-1000HR).



Secondary Standard Calibration Solutions for rapid calibration of the HM-500 Series of inline sensors & the HM-900 handheld device. Preparation of a true oil in water calibration standard is both time consuming and subject to error. As such, the HM-Series of devices can be calibrated using Pyxis Lab® synthetic oil-in-water secondary standards. This approach enables users to utilize a synthetic oil-in-water standard for rapid calibration, improved accuracy and extended shelf life of the calibration solution.

OIW-500 has been developed by Pyxis Lab® as a 500ppm synthetic oil in water solution (as Marine-Offshore Oil) for a more stable and easier method of recurring HM-500 series sensor calibration. This low cost and highly stable standard may be used as an alternative to preparing oil in water standards.

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