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Founded in 2013 by Dr. Caibin Xiao, Pyxis Lab® started from humble beginnings in Holliston, Massachusetts. After a decade, our company has grown tremendously and is currently operating a Global Headquarters near Houston, Texas with several other locations in Barcelona, Spain as well as Shanghai, China. Dr. Xiao & the rest of our team pride ourselves on offering high quality inline sensors, handheld analytical devices & fluorescent tracing chemicals that have impressed some of the best companies in the world of water treatment.

(From Left to Right: Caibin Xiao, Mike Webber [Consultant], Jeff Deak, Diana Cruz, Gene Donachie, Matt Mauch, Jake Deak)

Now – thanks to all of our distribution partners, OEM controller partners and customers – Pyxis Lab® Inc. is the leading manufacturer of inline monitoring  technology for Fluorescent Tracing Chemicals, which are used in the water treatment industry. Our unique inline sensors and control packages offer flexible integration with an ‘agnostic’ approach to the market, capable of communicating with any receiving device in both analog and digital (Modbus) formats with Bluetooth wireless configuration, diagnostics, and calibration via the uPyxis® Mobile & Desktop app. 

Our products have been installed in over 15,000 locations across multiple industries within the last eight years. With each of these installations, we improve the customers operations by controlling chemical dosing, process control and delivering higher productivity while reducing the environmental impact of water & process treatment operations. Our products are designed by an experienced team of former water treatment professionals who have had greater than 75 years of combined experience in the industry with many global water treatment companies. We combine a broad range of the latest chemical, material, optical, and electronic technologies to enable you to apply water and process treatment products more accurately and effectively than EVER before.

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Our Motive

As an organization founded & built by former water treatment professionals, we understand the day-to-day operations & struggles of being in the field. That is why we are devoted to developing cutting-edge technology with a robustness for:

Expanded Ranges

Lower Detection Limits

Easier User Operation

Our Team

Caibin Xiao


Matt Mauch

Chief Executive Officer

Jeff Deak

Chief Commercial Officer

Gene Donachie

VP of New Business Development

Diana Cruz

EMEA & LATAM Sales Director

Jacob Deak

Director of Marketing

Hua Zhou

APAC General Manager

Zhiman Zhao

APAC Sales
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