How to Apply for Tax Exemption

As a company who works alongside many municipalities and governances, we understand that there must be an ability for tax exemption. Please read through the following instructions to learn how to quickly apply & be accepted for tax exemption on our website catalog:

Tax Exemption Procedure

To learn how to apply for tax exemption status on our e-store, follow this procedure:

  1. Head over to the accounts page by clicking the user icon in the top right corner of our website, or click here.
  2. Register for an account or log into a pre-existing account to access your dashboard.
  3. Once on your dashboard, scroll down and select ‘Tax Exemption’.
  4. Here you will be prompted to upload a file of your tax exemption form (.PNG, .PDF). Upload the file and submit it to our sales team.
  5. Within 24-48 hours our sales team will review your submission and accept/decline the form submitted. 
  6. Once accepted, your account will be tax exempt from that point forward. Make sure to stay logged into that account for online purchasing.
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