Industrial Cooling & Process Water Treatment

Ensuring Efficiency & Sustainability

In the realm of industrial operations, maintaining optimal performance and sustainability hinges on effective cooling and process water treatment. Industrial cooling systems are essential for regulating temperatures in machinery and processes, preventing overheating, and ensuring efficient production. Meanwhile, process water treatment plays a crucial role in removing impurities and contaminants, safeguarding equipment, and adhering to environmental regulations. Together, these systems enhance operational efficiency, reduce maintenance costs, and minimize environmental impact, fostering a more sustainable and productive industrial landscape.

Pyxis Lab, Inc. stands at the forefront of innovation in this industry, providing cutting-edge technology that significantly impacts industrial cooling and process water treatment. Our advanced monitoring and control solutions offer real-time data and analytics, enabling precise management of water quality and system performance. By integrating state-of-the-art sensors and intelligent software, Pyxis Lab, Inc. helps industries optimize chemical usage, reduce water consumption, and lower operational costs. Our commitment to innovation and sustainability not only improves efficiency but also supports environmental stewardship, making us a pivotal player in the evolution of industrial water treatment solutions.

The Significance of PTSA Tracer Product in the Cooling Industry

The PTSA (1,3,6,8-pyrenetetrasulfonic acid) tracer product plays a vital role in the cooling industry, offering unmatched precision in monitoring and controlling cooling water systems. This fluorescent dye is used to accurately measure the concentration of treatment chemicals, ensuring optimal dosing and efficiency. By providing real-time data and facilitating continuous monitoring, PTSA tracers help prevent scale, corrosion, and biological fouling, which are common challenges in cooling systems. The result is improved system performance, extended equipment lifespan, and reduced operational costs, making PTSA tracers indispensable for maintaining the reliability and sustainability of industrial cooling operations.

The Importance of the ST-500 PTSA Sensor in the Cooling Industry

The ST-500 PTSA Sensor revolutionizes the cooling and process water industry with its advanced fluorescence detection technology. Designed for real-time monitoring, this sensor accurately measures PTSA tracer levels, ensuring precise chemical dosing and optimal system performance. By continuously tracking water quality, the ST-500 helps prevent issues such as scaling, corrosion, and biofouling, which can compromise system efficiency and longevity. It’s automatic internal compensation algorithms for color & turbidity give the water treatment professional a true PTSA value!

Inline Detection, Offline Verification & Pre-Mounted Panel Solutions

Pyxis Lab, Inc. offers a comprehensive suite of inline sensors, handheld devices, and panel solutions that transform the management of cooling and process water systems. Their inline sensors provide continuous, real-time monitoring of key water quality parameters, ensuring optimal chemical dosing and system performance. Handheld devices from Pyxis Lab allow for convenient, on-the-go measurements, empowering operators with accurate data and diagnostics wherever they are. The panel solutions integrate these advanced technologies into user-friendly interfaces, offering centralized control and visibility over water treatment processes. Together, these innovations from Pyxis Lab enhance operational efficiency, reduce maintenance costs, and support sustainable practices in the cooling and process water industry.

Inline Sensor Platforms

Offline Handheld Devices

Panel Solutions

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