SP-200 OXIPOCKET™ Pocket Colorimeter

The Pocket Colorimeter.

Measures for ALL common oxidizing biocides & disinfectants.

CE Mark  


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The SP-200 OXIPOCKET is a unique all-in-one pocket colorimeter. Specifically designed for measurement of all primary oxidizing biocides.  Also included is the ability to measure disinfectants commonly used in the municipal, domestic and industrial markets. The SP-200 offers colorimetric testing for these oxidizing biocides and disinfectants as well as ammonia. The OXIPOCKET replaces the need for independent, as well as expensive multi-component colorimeters. This handheld also contains an integrated fluorometer enabling Direct-Read methods for both Chlorine Dioxide and Bleach Concentration. The SP-200 reads in both high and low concentration ranges as mass/mass. This is a unique development that allows users to test direct source samples for precise concentration without the need for any reagents. In addition the device comes equipped with wireless data log transfer, firmware updates and screen customization is available via the uPyxis® app.

  • Colorimetric Testing of all Conventional Oxidizing Biocides + Disinfectants
  • Peroxyacetic Acid Colorimetric Test (PAA) – Unique Pyxis Lab® Method
  • Chlorine Dioxide (ClO2) Direct-Read Test Method (Mass/Mass) – Unique Pyxis Lab® Method
  • Bleach Concentration Direct-Read Test Method (Mass/Mass) – Unique Pyxis Lab® Method
  • Fully Integrated Test Timers with Live Graphical Display of Residual
  • Uses BOTH Pyxis Lab® and/or Conventional Powder Pillow Reagents Available on the Market (Hach® & Others)
  • Meets EPA 334.0 – DPD Testing Guidelines for Drinking Water
  • DPD Secondary Verification Liquid Standards Available for EPA Regulated Applications
  • Data Logging – 30,000 Group Storage

Another unique capability of the SP-200 is it’s wireless data log transfer and customization. Bluetooth® 5.0 enables the OXIPOCKET to connect to the uPyxis® app. On our app you can send data logs and configure your device to your liking!



Part Number 50802
Absorbance Linearity Range 0.2.0Abs
Absorbance Reproducibility ±0.005Abs (0-1.0Abs)
Colorimetric Wavelength 365/420/470/525/568/624 nm
Wavelength Accuracy ±1nm
Temperature Range 40-106 °F (4-41 °C)
Humidity 85% at 106 °F (41 °C)
Data Storage 30,000 Group Data Storage, via Bluetooth®
Display 320×240 TFT-LCD, Visible Under Direct Sunlight
Power Supply (4) AA Alkaline Batteries for Main Module
Typical Battery Life 10,000 Readings
Cuvette/Sample Vial 10mL/24mm Diameter Cuvette (MA-24)
Dimension L170xW80xH45 (mm)
Weight 400g (without battery)
Regulation CE + RoHS


Support Documents

SP-200 User Manual V1.04

SP-200 Portable Water Analyzer Procedures Manual

SP-200 OXIPOCKET Data Sheet

SP-200 OXIPOCKET Quick Start Guide



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