SP-710B Handheld Water Multimeter

6 Key Parameters. 1 Robust Handheld.

Measures for 6 key water treatment parameters including: pH (0–14), ORP (±1,500mV), Conductivity (0–15,000µS/cm), PTSA (0–300ppb), Fluorescein (0–600ppb), & Temperature (32–104 ºF).

CE Mark




The SP-710B handheld multimeter is capable of measuring up to 6 key water treatment parameters simultaneously. With the SP-710B you can measure for pH, Conductivity, PTSA, Temperature, ORP and Fluorescein, making it perfect for boiler water applications. The unit offers a Bluetooth® enabled & fully potted, battery powered pH/ORP module, eliminating water and KCI contamination to the meter.. The new module design offers wireless communication to the base unit and can also be viewed via the uPyxis® app.

The SP-710B has other features in addition to its measuring capabilities. Among these a fully molded screen to ensure a water-proof seal. Then it also has an integrated humidity sensor to ensure a water-free electronic environment.  Thirdly the platform stores history for all measurements which can then be transferred via Bluetooth® to smartphones or computers using uPyxis®.

Unmatched in the water treatment market. The one-handed operation combines electrochemical and optical measurements in a cuvette-less platform. This unique technology simultaneously measures and compensates for Color and Turbidity contamination of the water sample during fluorescence testing, ensuring precise measurement capability ±1ppb resolution.

Typical Applications

The SP-710B can do all the the functions previously described. However it was mainly designed for cooling tower  and boiler tank applications.  It is very heat and melt resistant making it perfect for the previously described examples.


  • Breakthrough Technology Combines 6 Key Water Treatment Parameters into a Single, Rugged, One-Handed Meter
  • Waterproof Bluetooth® Enabled, Potted, Battery Powered pH/ORP Module
  • Intelligent Sensor Aging and/or Humidity Detection Capability
  • Record up to 8G Historical Data with a Calendar Time Mark and Options to Set Up Sample Location Information
  • Long Battery Life – 10,000+ Readings
  • Auto-Compensation for Color & Turbidity Contamination = Precise Measurement
  • Brightness Adjustable Color Screen with Parameter LOCK-IN Function
  • Wireless Diagnosis & Calibration of Pyxis Lab® ST-525 Sensor
  • Optional Carrying Case Available – MA-700


Item Sp-710B
Part Number 50316
PTSA 0-300ppb, ±1ppb or 1%
Conductivity 1-15,000µS/cm with ATC ±1% or ±1µS/cm Precision
pH 0.00-14.00 with ATC, ±0.01 pH unit Precision
ORP ±1,500mV, ±1mV Precision
Fluorescein 0-600ppb, ±0.2ppb or 1%
Temperature (Of Sample Cell) 0-70 °C (32-104 °F) ±0.1 °C (±0.18 °F)
Storage Temperature -20-60 °C (-4-140 °F)
Operational Temperature 0-40 °C (32-104 °F)
Sensor Module pH/ORP, Replaceable Bluetooth® 5.0, Replaceable Battery 3.7V
Typical Sensor Life pH/ORP – 18 Months
Body – 5 Years
Regulation CE / RoHS
Protection Grade IP67
Display Color LCD, Visible Under Direct Sunlight
Power Supply – Sensor Body (4) AA Alkaline Batteries
Typical Battery Life 10,000 Readings
Dimensions & Weight 180x80x38.5mm (7.1×3.1×1.4in)
380g (0.85lbs) without batteries

Support Documents

SP-710B User Manual V3.04

SP-710B Quick Start Guide

SP-710 710B Water Multimeter Datasheet


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