Handheld Cleaning Kit

Targets Inorganic Fouling & Deposition on Pyxis Lab® Handhelds.

Custom blend of organic acid, reducing agent & surfactant to keep your handheld device accurate & reliable.


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Our handheld devices have proven to be an industry leader in accurately detecting parameters within cooling and process water applications. We have found that our cleaning solution also helps ensure accuracy for pH, Conductivity, PTSA, and Free Chlorine readings. For our handhelds we recommend a minimum cleaning of once per month dependent on application needs and potential fouling. For high stress applications with excessive suspended solids and corrosion/scale by-product, please increase the frequency of cleaning your handheld device. Pyxis Lab® has developed a custom field cleaning kit for all your Pyxis Lab® handheld devices. This cleaning kit is designed to target a wide variety of inorganic deposits and foulants commonly experienced in cooling water applications.


  • Custom Blend of Organic Acid/Reducing Agent & Surfactant
  • Targets Inorganic Fouling & Deposition within your Handheld Device
  • Will NOT Damage your Handheld
  • 250mL Bottle is Sufficient for 25 Cleanings
  • Handheld Cleaning Procedure Provided on the Bottle
  • Cotton Swabs & Pipe Brush Cleaner Included


  1. Soak your handheld device in 10mL of cleaning solution and allow it to soak for 30 minutes
  2. Then use a cotton swab and/or pipe cleaner to gently remove excessive deposit after soaking
  3. Rinse with DI water then check for flashing blue light inside your handheld device
  4. If surface is not entirely clean, soak the device for an additional 30 minutes then repeat the check

Support Documents

Pyxis Handheld Device Field Cleaning Kit Fact Sheet


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