pH/ORP Module Attachment & Handheld

pH/ORP Module Accessory or Stand-Alone Handheld.

Measures for pH (0–14) & ORP (±1500mV) either as a replaceable accessory for our water multimeters or a stand-alone pH/ORP handheld with mobile monitoring via uPyxis®.

CE Mark 


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Not only is this pH/ORP module an easily replaceable accessory to our handheld devices, but it also acts as a stand-alone handheld device. Monitor for pH & ORP using the uPyxis® mobile app! Purchase this module as a replacement unit for your SP-710, SP-710B or SP-600, or as a pocket pH/ORP meter.

  • Quick Bluetooth® Connection Process
  • Capable of Reading pH & ORP with or without a Base Unit
  • Mobile Monitoring via uPyxis®
  • Snap Onto ANY Pyxis Lab® Handheld Device



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