SP-600 Handheld Water Multimeter

Water Multimeter & Colorimeter in ONE.

Measures for 5 key water parameters (Conductivity, TDS, Resistivity, pH, ORP, Temperature) and also offers Colorimetric Free & Total DPD Chlorine.

CE Mark



The SP-600 handheld multimeter is an easy to use tool for the Industrial and Municipal water market. Being able to instantly measure key water parameters simultaneously. Quickly measure the conductivity, TDS, and resistivity of your water. In addition pH/ORP is offered with this sensor as well as temperature always able to be shown. Also no need to worry about Free & Total DPD Chlorine as it is included.

The SP-600 has other features in addition to its measuring capabilities. Among these a fully molded screen to ensure a water-proof seal. Then it also has an integrated humidity sensor to ensure a water-free electronic environment.  Thirdly the platform offers Bluetooth® connectivity between the pH/ORP module and base unit and allows wireless data upload via the uPyxis® app.


Typical Applications

The SP 600 multimeter is ideal for Industrial water & process uses. It’s small and easy to handle design makes it great for municipal, waste, and domestic water applications. Agencies or induvials who deal with environmental and brackish water will all enjoy quick and quality measurements with the SP 600



  • Breakthrough Technology Combines the Following in a Single Rugged One-Handed Meter.
  • Uses Traditional DPD Free & Total Powder Pillows (Pyxis Lab® or Conventional Supplier)
  • Waterproof Bluetooth® Enabled Potted Battery Powered pH/ORP Module
  • Requires NO Disassembly in the Field for pH/ORP Module Replacement
  • Intelligent Sensor Aging and Humidity Detection Capability
  • Record up to 8GB Historical Data with a Calendar Time Mark and Options to Set Up Sample Location Info
  • Long Battery Life of 10,000 Readings
  • Color Screen with Parameter LOCK-IN Function after Stabilization


Item Sp-600
Part Number 50353
Resistivity 10-30Megohm ±1%
Conductivity 1-200,000µS/cm with ATC ±1% or ±0.2µS/cm Precision
pH 0.00-14.00 with ATC, ±0.01 pH unit Precision
ORP ±1,500mV, ±1mV Precision
Free & Total Chlorine DPD 0.00-10.00ppm, ±0.01
Temperature (Of Sample Cell) 0-70 °C (32-104 °F) ±0.1 °C (±0.18 °F)
Storage Temperature -20-60 °C (-4-140 °F)
Operational Temperature 0-40 °C (32-104 °F)
Sensor Module pH/ORP, Replaceable Bluetooth® 5.0, Replaceable Battery 3.7V
Typical Sensor Life pH/ORP – 18 Months
Body – 5 Years
Regulation CE / RoHS
Protection Grade IP67
Display Color LCD, Visible Under Direct Sunlight
Power Supply – Sensor Body (4) AA Alkaline Batteries
Typical Battery Life 10,000 Readings
Dimensions & Weight 180x80x38.5mm (7.1×3.1×1.4in)
380g (0.85lbs) without batteries

Support Documents

SP-600 User Manual V1.06

SP-600 Multimeter Data Sheet

SP-600 DPD Free & Total Chlorine Datasheet










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