DPD Chlorine Secondary Standard Solutions (1 or 2ppm)

DPD Chlorine Secondary Standards.

Choose between 1 or 2ppm DPD Chlorine Secondary Standard Solutions to calibrate your SP-600 Handheld Pyxis Lab® Device.

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DPD Chlorine Secondary Standard Solutions are a used to calibrate our SP-600, which measures chlorine for drinking water applications. These liquid standards are provided in a 125mL bottle with a COA. The solutions can be used as a secondary reference standard for DPD Chlorine Calibration Verification. These liquid standards are easy to use and have been designed at a low pH (4.0). Use them as a pre-cleaning agent for the sample cell prior to its use. The solutions are stable for up to 6 months.

Follow the operational manual instructions if the SP-600 unit requires calibration. For field calibration use known Free Chlorine Standards or reset their unit to default. If desired, the SP-600 unit may also be sent to the Pyxis Lab® facility for certified factory calibration.

Per EPA Guidelines for Drinking Water applications, the SP-600 device requires DPD Chlorine Secondary Standard Verification prior to each recorded/reported test. To ensure the accuracy of your SP-600 DPD Chlorine Method, Pyxis Lab® has developed unique liquid 1.0ppm & 2.0ppm DPD Chlorine Secondary Standards.


Support Documents

DPD Free Chlorine Reagents SDS


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