EM-500 Chlorophyll-A Inline Sensor

Protect Your System from Algae Build-Up!

Measures for Chlorophyll-A at a range of 0–50ppb and find the concentration of live algae cells present in water!

CE Mark



The Pyxis Lab® EM-500 inline fluorometer sensor (470nm excitation and 675 nm emission) measures the in-vivo Chlorophyll-a concentration of live algae cells present in water. Chlorophyll-a is the primary photosynthetic pigment of algae and fluoresces when exposed to specific wavelength. Chlorophyll-a measurement can be used to assess living algae biomass of the bulk water in numerous industrial and process related applications. The fluidic and optical arrangement of the EM-500 sensor is designed to overcome many shortcomings associated with other inline fluorometers by compensating for both color(as high as 10ppm as iron) and turbidity (as high as 150NTU) present in the sample water. The EM-500sensor can be connected to any device that accepts an isolated or non-isolated 4-20mA input or RS-485 Modbus. The EM-500 sensor has a short fluidic channel that can be easily cleaned as referenced in the sensor cleaning & maintenance section of the Pyxis Operation Manual and diagnosed for cleanliness using the uPyxis Mobile or Desktop app.


Item EM-500
Part Number 50501
Chlorophyll-A 0-50ppb, ±0.2ppb Precision
Power Supply 24V DC ~1W
Output 4-20 mA isolated, RS-485 isolated
Connector IP-67 Waterproof Connector/Cable 1.5m (4.5ft)
Operation Pressure Up to 0.7MPa (100psi) at 40 ºC (104 ºF)
Installation St-001 Tee, 3/4 inch NPT Thread & Socket Union PROVIDED
Storage Temperature -20–60 ºC (-4–140 ºF)
Operational Temperature 0–40 ºC (32–104 ºF)
Sample Water Flow 0 to 8 GPM
Typical Service Life 2-3 Years
Housing Material UPVC
Dimension 172mm (6.8in) L x 36.6mm (1.44in) D
Weight 170g (0.37lbs)
Regulation CE / RoHS
Bulk-Head Cable 1.5m Bulkhead 7-Pin Cable with Adapter PROVIDED
Flying Lead Cable 1.5m Flying Lead 7-Pin Cable with Adapter PROVIDED


Support Documents

EM-500 Data Sheet

EM-500 User Manual V3.03


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