OXIPANEL™ IK-765 Series Oxidizer + pH Inline Analyzers for Drinking & Clean Water

F-Cl, or ClO2 Drinking Water Analyzers.

The IK-765 Series are dual-parameter inline water analyzers designed as a ‘Turn-Key’ monitoring solution for clean water applications. The IK-765 series offers accurate, real-time measurement, display and data-logging of Free Chlorine or Chlorine Dioxide, pH and Temperature.

NOTE: The third picture in the gallery is of an upgraded version of this panel utilizing the UC-80 touch screen display…

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The IK-765 Series are dual-parameter inline water analyzers designed as a ‘Turn-Key’ monitoring solution for clean water applications. These include drinking water networks, secondary water supply and decorative/swimming water applications. Moreover, the IK-765 series offers accurate, real time measurement, display and data logging of Free Chlorine, pH and Temperature. It uses smart sensor technology coupled with a Pyxis UC-50 micro display and a data logging terminal. The IK-765 series is convenient and easy to integrate panel mounted format for rapid installation and simple maintenance.

The IK-765 series analyzer is offered in two sensor formats. The ST-765SS series sensors measure Free Chlorine or Chlorine Dioxide, pH and temperature of the sample water. Additionally, this sensor design is membrane-free. Based on unique principles and incorporates advanced technology in the field of bare-gold electrochemical detection. The ST-765SS-FLC (Free Chlorine + pH) measures the oxidant level and pH simultaneously. In addition, performing temperature and pH compensation. Each IK-765 panel is provided with the FR-50 Flow Reservoir and UC-50 micro display /data logging terminal. It is prewired to the ST-765SS series sensor in RS-485 modbus format with fully integrated sensor diagnostics and calibration interface. Finally, the internal sensor compensation results in a highly accurate oxidizer measurement consistent with DPD wet chemistry methodology as high as pH 9.0 and meets EPA-334.0 and ISO-7393 compliance.

Typical Applications

  • Drinking Water
  • Domestic Water
  • Secondary Water Supply
  • Sanitary Water
  • Decorative Water
  • Food & Beverage Process Water
  • RO Feedwater


The ST-765SS-FCL (Free Chlorine + pH/Temperature) and ST-765SS-CLO (Chlorine Dioxide + pH/Temperature) are three parameter composite sensors used for the measurement residual free chlorine or chlorine dioxide, pH and temperature in compliance with USEPA 334.0 and ISO-7393 guidelines. Furthermore, the sensors advanced PCB offers built in temperature and pH parameter compensation (up to pH 9.0) algorithms eliminating the need for a supplemental pH sensor and controller. Unique Bare-Gold electrode technology for residual chlorine measurement eliminates membranes and electrode solution replenishment commonly associated with conventional sensors. The ST-765SS Series has a uniquely designed flat bubble pH electrode design for reduced fouling potential. Therefore, reducing your maintenance and cost versus colorimetric chlorine measurement or conventional electrochemical sensors by utilizing Pyxis replaceable Electrode Head (EH-765). Finally, the ST-765SS Series may be calibrated after cleaning via DPD Free Chlorine or Chlorine Dioxide wet chemistry test measurement of active sample.


The FR-50 Single-Sensor flow reservoir provides sample calming for dissipation of air bubbles and settling of suspended solids. In addition to foam or other impurities commonly observed in drinking water. This flow reservoir design results in the highest level of oxidizer resolution on the market. It greatly extends the maintenance cycle of the sensor while providing a large buffer capacity to level pressure fluctuations. The minimum inlet pressure of FR-50 flow reservoir is only 7.5 psi (0.05mpa) making it highly suitable for the end of pipe networks and secondary supply sampling. One FR-50 is provided with the purchase of each ST-765SS Series sensor. It comes equipped with inlet PRV and Rotameter for the recommended flow range of 600 to 1,800 mL /minute. Finally, flow and sewer overflow lines should be diverted to drain or the inlet of the pre-treatment system for those desiring NSF compliance.

  • Simple sensor removal and replacement. The ST-765SS Series sensors are connected to the display /data logger via RS-485 modbus (RTU) allowing for integrated sensor calibration interface and diagnostics within the display screen.
  • Convenient and simple to install Back-Panel (IK-765) for rapid and easy installation. Truly a plumb and power to go platform with intense factory setup, testing and sensor calibration prior to shipment.
  • UC-50 micro display /data logger interface with sensor calibration integrated. Display/data logger offers 1x 4- 20mA I/O as well as RS-485 with remote diagnosis and parameter adjustment. Pyxis CloudLinkTM 4G Gateway available as an accessory.


Item IK-765SS Series
Part Number IK-765SS-FCL 42082
IK-765SS-CLO 42085
Sensor Body Material 304SS
Oxidizer Range 0.00-5.00ppm FCl2 (Auto-Range)
0.00-5.00ppm ClO2 (Auto-Range)
Oxidizer Precision ±0.01mg/L or 1% of the Value with pH Compensation up to 9.0
pH Range 0-14
pH Precision ±0.01
Sample Operating Temperature 4-40 °C (40-104 °F)
Sample Inlet Pressure 7.25-30psi (0.05-0.2MPa)
Sensor Max Pressure 100psi (6.9Bar)
Sensor Response Time T95≤60s – Free Chlorine / T95≤5s pH
Measurement Interval Continuous
Installation FR-50 Self-Regulating Flow Reservoir with Rotameter & PRV – Included
FR-50 Flow Rate 600–1,800mL/min
FR-50 Features 1/4″ OD Inlet / 20mm To Drain Sample Outlet / 20mm To Drain Sample Overflow / 1/2″ NPT Sewage Drain
Panel Power Supply 110/220VAC 50/60Hz, 0.6A
Panel Temperature Working: 32-122 °F (0-50 °C)
Storage: -4-158 °F (-20-70 °C)
UC-50 Display 2.8″ Color 320×240 Resolution
Input (1) 4-20mA / RS-485 Modbus -RTU
Output (1) 4-20mA / RS-485 Modbus -RTU / (1) Contact Relay
Data Storage 32M Flash
USB (1) USB Host for Data Downloading
Relative Humidity 5-95% (No Condensation)
Altitude <6,561ft (<2,000m)
Dimension 590H, 250W, 330D mm
Approximate Weight 5kg
Wet Material UPVC / Polycarbonate
Rating IP65 Panel / IP67 Sensors
Compliance EPA 334.0 / ISO 7393
Regulation CE / RoHS

Support Documents

IK-765 Series Startup Guide


Replacing Electrode Head



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