Factory Service PRO

Cleaning, Calibration, Repair and/or Replacement Factory Service Add-On.

Ensure your Pyxis Lab® technology is clean, calibrated, accurate and reliable by purchasing this add-on service program.



Purchasable anytime after purchasing a Pyxis Lab® product, our FactoryService PRO program offers annual product cleaning and calibration with the addition of repair and/or replacement of needed parts! Our expert customer service technicians will conduct the cleaning, calibration & repair/replace procedures, ensuring your device is accurate, reliable and well-maintained. For quality assurance, we will be placing a Validation Sticker (see below) onto your device that lists the service date, when the unit will be due for another procedure, the serial number, as well as the technician who performed the cleaning and calibration. Our FactoryService PRO program MUST be purchased per device! Learn more about our other Protection Service offerings by clicking here.

Protection Services Sticker_

Support Documents

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