PTSA-100-50FL Calibration Solution (100ppb PTSA + 50ppb Fluorescein)

One Solution Combining PTSA & Fluorescein.

Calibrate for both PTSA (100ppb) and Conductivity (50ppb) with one calibration solution.



The PTSA-100-50FL Calibration Solution for PTSA & Fluorescein is a two in one calibration standard. This solution combines 100ppb of PTSA with 50ppb of Fluorescein to provide the perfect solution for your PTSA + Fluorescein calibration. This works with Pyxis Lab® devices, including:



Item PTSA-100-50FL
Part Number PTSA-100/50FL
Fluorescein 50 ±0.2
PTSA 100 ±1
pH 9.0-11.0
Container 16oz. / 500mL Nalgene™ Amber Narrow Mouth Sample Bottle
Storage 40-104 °F
Shelf Life 6 Months
Net Volume 510 ±10mL
Total Weight 600 ±10g
Net Weight 510 ±10g


Support Documents

PTSA + Fluorescein SDS



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