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Water Professionals Deserve Better Tools

Pyxis is dedicated to offering cutting edge instruments and chemicals for customers in the water treatment industry. Our products are designed for experienced professionals who are seeking the latest and best technology. Stay tuned for additional exciting products.

ST-500 Inline Fluorometer

Using a fluorometer has never been so easy

The Pyxis ST-500 inline fluorometer probe measures the concentration of fluorescence tracer PTSA in water. The ST-500 is simple to deploy and use: it has never been so easy to monitor your PTSA traced programs!

  • Easy deployment
  • Interference resistant
  • Minimal maintenance

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SP-700 Water Multimeter

A Swiss Army Knife for traced programs

The Pyxis SP-700 is a handheld multimeter that measures 6 key water treatment parameters simultaneously: pH, conductivity, PTSA, fluorescein, ORP, and temperature.

  • pH+ORP Module
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • PTSA and Conductivity Cell

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Easy Deployment

The ST-500 maintains reliable, robust operation with only five minutes of operator maintenance each month. You can calibrate using your PC or smart phone.

Interference Resistant

The state-of-the-art design of the ST-500 features a unique optical structure and an advanced compensation algorithm. The result is minimal interference from color and turbidity.

All-In-One Convenience

The SP-700 can use all colorimetric methods. Spend less time, and achieve greater accuracy, with one instrument, one sample, and one vial.

Intuitive Operation

With fewer keys and a larger graphical display, the SP-700 is simple to use. Simply select a method--no more trying to remember Program Numbers, and no more relying on a complex and lengthy user manual.