Pyxis Lab, Inc. Wins the AWT 2022 Innovation Award.

Every year the Association of Water Technologies hosts an international conference & exhibition. This year, AWT hosted the conference in Vancouver, Canada. Every year Pyxis Lab, Inc. & our employees look forward to seeing industry partners, customers & friends at the AWT conference & exhibition. This year in particular we were elated not just see everyone but also to receive a surprising & great honor!

The Association of Water Technologies not only hosts the exhibition, but also hosts an award ceremony to cap off the events of the week. One of the awards that the association gives is known as the AWT Innovation Award. This award recognizes technology that has greatly impacted & influenced the industrial water treatment marketplace. It shines light onto technology that helps water treatment professionals work better & advance them in their profession.

This year Pyxis Lab, Inc. was awarded the Innovation Award. A high honor in our field, this award means the world to our CEO Caibin Xiao who received the award on behalf of our company.

It is an amazing privilege to be recognized by our peers for the hard work Pyxis has put into making new & exciting technologies. This is a great victory for our team members & our technology. We will continue to innovate & bring new tools to the industry. Thank you so much to AWT, our partners, our team & of course our customers.

Dr. Caibin Xiao
President & CEO Pyxis Lab, Inc.

Thank you to all of our partners, customers & AWT for recognizing our technology & awarding us such a prestigious honor!

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