RT-100 PRISM Inline Refractometer

A Truly Unique Inline Refractometer.

Measures for the concentrations of Sugar Content (%BRIX), Mono-Ethylene Glycol (%MEG), Mono-Propylene (%MPG), and Refractive Index Value (%nD) with one robust, stainless steel sensor. Introducing the PRISM RT-100 Inline Refractometer…

PRISM Parameter nD PRISM Parameter %MPG PRISM Parameter %MEG PRISM Parameter BRIX

CE Mark



The RT-100 Prism is an inline digital refractometer that measures the refractive index of a liquid sample and provides a direct reading of highly accurate concentration values for a wide variety of water and process related applications. It is a stand-alone device capable of self-sustained operation, live data display and data logging. The RT-100 Prism also offers fully integrated 4-20mA and RS-485 Modbus output signals for connectivity to any microprocessor-based controller, display, PLC or DCS network. The RT-100 Prism has built-in temperature dependent equations to convert the measured sample temperature and refractive index to the percentage concentration of Mono-Ethylene Glycol (MEG), Mono-Propylene Glycol (MPG), Sugar Content (Brix) and Advanced Low Viscosity Fluid (ALV). Additional concentration curves may be added in the future by Pyxis Lab as the market demands.

The RT-100 Prism is a very robust, digital sensor and is capable of operating in contaminated fluid samples. It is important however to note that users should take all precautions to mitigate and filter suspended solids from the sample stream prior to the sensor to avoid tenacious deposit build-up on the sensor eye. In highly fouled applications, Pyxis recommends users conduct sensor eye cleaning on a regular basis per the manual guidelines. Pyxis Lab is also developing will be launching an automated sensor cleaning accessory for installation into the Tri-Clamp Flow Cell assembly as an optional accessory in the near future.

Typical Applications

  • Refractive Index Direct Read for Process Applications
  • Mono-Ethylene Glycol Closed Loop System Monitoring
  • Mono-Propylene Glycol Closed Loop System Monitoring
  • BRIX/Sugar Concentration Process Applications
  • Advanced Low Viscosity Fluid Heat Transfer Fluid
  • Specific Gravity Determination via Refractive Index


  • 4–20mA Output of Sample Temperature & the Unit of Display selected via the Screen Interface
  • RS-485 Modbus RTU Output of Temperature, Refractive Index and Other Diagnosis Parameters
  • Built-In Temperature Dependent Equations %BRIX, %MPG, %MEG and %ALV
  • Local Display and Push-Button Interface
  • Optional 110VAC–24VDC Wall Outlet Powered for Independent Operation without a Controller
  • Built-In Historical Data Log up to 56 Days of Storage at 1 Reading per minute via uPyxis®
  • Bluetooth® Enabled when used with the MA-CR Bluetooth® Adapter
  • Sturdy 316L Stainless Steel Construction and Suitable for Harsh Application Environments
  • Convenient Stainless Steel Tri-Clamp Flow Assembly with 3/4inch NPT Flange
  • Easy Installation and Removal for Cleaning & Maintenance – NO TOOLS NEEDED


Item RT-100 PRISM
Part Number 55105
Range of Measurement Refractive Index: 1.30000-1.5100
BRIX: 0.00-85.00%
Mono-Ethylene Glycol: 0.00-100.00%
Mono-Propylene Glycol: 0.00-100.00%
Advanced Low Viscosity Fluid: 0.00-100.00%
Temperature: -20-80 °C
Resolution Refractive Index: 0.0001
BRIX & Glycol: 0.1%
Accuracy Refractive Index: ±0.0002
BRIX & Glycol: ±0.2%
Sample Temperature -4-158 °F (-20-70 °C)
Max Sample Pressure / Flow ≤142psi (0.98MPa) / <13.5 GPM (9.8ft/s)
Environmental Temperature 14-104 °F (-10-40 °C)
Weight 6.2lbs (2.8kg)
Dimension 4.33×4.57in (110x116mm)
Protection IP67
Light Source LED
Wet Materials Sapphire, 316L Stainless Steel
Signal Outputs (2) 4-20mA & RS-485 Modbus
Power 24VDC (1.5W)
Regulation CE / RoHS

Support Documents

RT-100 User Manual v1.3

RT-100 Prism Data Sheet



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