Monochloramine/Nitrogen-Ammonia Low Range Secondary Verification Kit

Verify Your Handheld Device Performance!

The Pyxis Lab® Monochloramine/Nitrogen-Ammonia Verification Standard Kits are specifically designed to be used for secondary standard verification to check the accuracy for Indophenol methods on our staple colorimeters (SP-200 OXIPOCKET™, SP-800 & SP-910).



The Pyxis Lab® Monochloramine/Nitrogen Ammonia verification standard kit is specifically designed for secondary standard verification. Verify the accuracy of the Monochloramine/Nitrogen Ammonia Indophenol method (Low Range) on our colorimeters (SP-200, SP-910, SP-800).

In addition, the secondary standard kit includes four sealed glass vials, an instruction sheet & Certificate of Analysis (COA) with specific tolerances for each concentration. The kits include the STD0 sample blank vial, which is used to zero the SP-Series colorimeters. Additional vials containing varying concentrations are also available.

The precise concentration, along with the corresponding range of each vial in the kit is provided in the COA (Certificate of Analysis). Pyxis Lab® meters are calibrated at the time of manufacturing. As well as the standards being utilized on the meters routinely as a verification check on the unit accuracy per EPA guidelines.

Furthermore, the results should be recorded. The Pyxis Lab® SP-Series should measure the concentration of the standards within the concentration tolerance range specified in the COA. If the concentration measured by SP-Series on any standard vial is outside the tolerance range, the SP-Series device may need to be calibrated. It is done by using a primary or secondary chlorine standard. Also, it can also be done by contacting and getting a factory calibration.

Monochloramine Low Range

  • STD0 (For Zeroing)
  • STDA (0.50mg/L – NH2CL)
  • STDB (1.00mg/L – NH2CL)
  • STDC (2.50mg/L -NH2CL)

Nitrogen-Ammonia Low Range

  • STD-0 (For Zeroing)
  • STD-A (0.10mg/L – NH3S)
  • STD-B (0.20mg/L – NH3S)
  • STD-C (0.50mg/L – NH3S)


  • Blank Vial, Three different standards within Typical Testing Ranges, Instructions and COA
  • Case to House Standards for Future Use
  • 1-Year Shelf Life

Support Documents

Pyxis Chlorine DPD Verification Kit Secondary Reference Standard SDS

Monochloramine Verification Kit Data Sheet


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