SP-210 Pocket Bleach Concentration Meter (0-16% mass/mass)

Measure for Bleach Concentration with this Simple Device.

Measures for Bleach Concentration as mass/mass (0-16%) while simultaneously compensating & measuring for Temperature (°F & °C).

CE Mark



The SP-210 handheld Bleach Analyzer is uniquely designed pocket analyzer specifically designed to measure the real-time mass/mass concentration of both manufactured concentrate and diluted electrolysis produced Sodium Hypochlorite by percentage as Chlorine (Cl2). The SP-210 offers a direct pour sample method where bleach is applied directly to the sample measurement cell of the unit. The unit is integrated with algorithm compensation for ambient light and does not require the sample to be shielded during measurement. The SP-210 works by measuring the optical density of the bleach solution using a LED based UV light source.

The SP-210 offers an expanded range of measurement with auto-resolution as well as an RTD temperature output signal with automatic temperature compensation within the device. This internal compensation enables accurate bleach concentration measurement of bleach with a wide variety of sample temperatures and forms from diluted to concentrated. The features of the SP-210 allow the user to measure industrial bleach concentration as high as 16% (mass/mass) as well as diluted solutions through electrolysis generation and simultaneously obtains the impact of atmospheric temperature conditions on variable bleach concentration readings.


The SP-210 offers a simple to use platform for measuring concentrated liquid bleach solutions in industrial, municipal and process water applications. This device provides highly accurate and rapid results alternative to conventional titration methods.

  • Simple Pour-In Sample Design – Not Affected by Ambient Light, No Sample Vials Needed!
  • Sample Cell Compatible with Concentrated Liquid Bleach Solutions
  • Integrated Cleanliness Diagnostics
  • %Cl2 Concentration Displayed as Mass/Mass with Auto-Resolution for Wide Range of Solutions
  • Sample Temperature Displayed as °F & °C
  • Internal RTU Temperature Compensation of Bleach Concentration


Item SP-210
Part Number 50801
Range 0.01-16% mass/mass
Accuracy ±2% of Reading Value
±0.1% of Unit Range
Method UV Absorbance – LED
Measurement Wavelength 365/395nm (±1nm)
Absorbance Reproducibility ±0.005Abs (0-1.0Abs)
Absorbance Linearity Range 0-2.0Abs
Operational Temperature 40-106 °F (4-41 °C)
Storage Temperature -4-140 °F (41 °C)
Humidity 85% at 106 °F (41 °C)
Environmental IP67
Regulation CE / RoHS
Communication Bluetooth® 5.0

Support Documents

SP-210 Pocket Bleach Analyzer Data Sheet


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