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Do you enjoy the process of cleaning & calibrating? Want to turn those procedures into profit? Help us, help you. Sign up for our 2-Day Certification Training that makes you a Pyxis Lab® Certified Technician & Field Agent. After completing the training all you need to do is purchase a Validation Sticker per product you perform services for and you are on your way to making a profit. Your contact information will also be added to our site for publicity!

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3 Year Certified Training

$ 3,000
  • One Day Classroom Training
  • One Day In-Field Training
  • Issued Pyxis Lab® Factory Certification
  • Added to Website as a Certified Technician
  • Issued a FREE SP-200 OXIPOCKET™

Validation Stickers

$ 500 per sensor
  • Purchasable after Completed Training
  • Must Purchase Sticker per Sensor
  • Includes Serial # & Calibration Sticker
  • Includes 1 Year of Pyxis Lab® Cloud DMP
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