Self-Brushing Oxidizer + pH Panel

The BEST Option to Control Oxidizers

With Minimal Maintenance & Maximum Reliability

The IK-765-B Series are dual-parameter inline water analyzers specifically designed as a ‘Turn-Key’ monitoring solution for challenging water applications including cooling water, food &industrial process water, raw water & treated wastewater effluent applications. The IK-765-B Series offers highly accurate, real-time measurement, display & data logging of two oxidizer measurement formats as well as pH & temperature utilizing proprietary Pyxis Lab® smart sensor technology, coupled with a UC-50 micro display & data logging terminal. The IK-765-B also incorporates a uniquely designed automated mechanical brush flow assembly which is directly controlled via the UC-50 display to maintain optimum sensor electrode cleanliness in the most challenging of system water. The IK-765-B Series is offered in a convenient and easy to integrate panel mounted format for rapid installation and simple maintenance

FR-300 Plus

Brushing Reservoir


Display & Data Logging Terminal

The IK-765-B Series is offered in three sensor formats depending on the desired oxidant being measured. The panel design is equipped with the proprietary ST-765SS Series of smart sensors, capable of measuring Free Chlorine (FCL), Bromine (Br) orChlorine Dioxide (CLO) in addition to pH & temperature of the sample water. The sensor design is membrane free & based on unique principles incorporating advanced technology in the field of bare-gold electro-chemcial detection. The ST-765SS-FCL (Free Chlorine), ST-765SS-Br (Bromine) & ST-765SS-CLO(Chlorine Dioxide) measure the oxidant level & pH simultaneously while performing temperature & pH compensation. These panels are also equipped with the FR-300 Plus brushing flow assembly to ensure constant electrode cleanliness & UC-50 terminal prewired to the ST-765SS sensor in RS-485 format with a sensor diagnostics & calibration interface. This unique plat-form provides highly accurate measurement consistent with DPD wet chemistry methodology as high as pH 9.0+ & meets EPA-334.0 as well as ISO-7393 compliance.

OXIPANEL IK-765-B Series Oxidizer + pH & Temperature Analyzer Side

Industrial Edition

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